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Key Features

Smart Capture

Save users from having to complete lengthy forms and eliminate human-error. Tackle identity fraud by capturing the best quality images for physical and digital tampering detection. Comply with AML, KYC, PEPs and sanctions regulations around the globe.

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Active & Passive Liveness

Boost onboarding confidence with an easy-to-use experience. Deter and detect fraud with the power of AI and neural networks. Trust that you’ve established genuine presence wherever you operate using iBeta-tested, ISO 30107-3-compliant technology.

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Near-Field Communication (NFC)

Replace tedious form-filling with near-instant and 100% accurate data extraction. Prove an identity document’s certificate is genuine and have greater confidence in the users you’re onboarding with assurance that data and documents come from authoritative sources.

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Forensic Document Examiners (FDE)

Get a 100% decision rate and fight fraud by layering your document checks with expert manual review from our in-house team of Forensic Document Examiners.

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Tackle fraud

Fraud is growing and consumers are concerned about security. Document verification can help to protect you and your customers against fraud losses.

  • of consumers consider biometrics a key part of their identities

  • of consumers say security is important to them

  • of consumers prefer services with advanced fraud prevention

Why choose GBG?


Our tech-first document verification is always-on, with no human bottlenecks.

Partner approach

We partner with InnoValor to harness its cutting-edge liveness technology.

Layering with data

Our ability to layer documents with data gives you a 100% decision rate.

How GBG can help you

  • Financial Services

    Financial services customers expect simple and secure experiences that make them feel confident they can trust you. And as fraud in the sector increases, document verification can help you tackle both challenges while satisfying regulators.

  • Gaming Operators

    Players want to be able to make deposits and place bets quickly and easily without having to go through long, drawn-out onboarding processes. Document verification technology can help you sign them up in seconds. Wherever they are in the world.

  • Healthcare

    Document verification gives you greater confidence in your identity verification, allowing you to truly know your patients in order to grant them access to services, and know your staff in order to protect patients.

  • Retail

    Verify customers to protected minors from age-restricted goods. Prevent fraud in high value and high-risk transactions. Unlock lost revenue from transactions incorrectly flagged as fraud.

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