Mexico identity checks

Onboard customers without compromise

  • High-quality data

    Leverage high-quality data from a credible source

  • 90% coverage

    Identity coverage for 110 million adults.

  • Accurate, flexible matching

    Complete flexibility with matching criteria and transparent audit trail.

Mexico is a market with no available public data, and restricted access to credit bureau data.

The biggest challenge is therefore to find a source of trusted, lawful and updated data.

As such, access to trusted data sources is limited. Misuse of data is also common and it’s easy to find fake or stolen databases. GBG’s granular matching is accurate and flexible, delivering the best match rates and giving you complete transparency on decisions.

With our Identity Solution, you can

  • Onboard good customers in seconds, not days.
  • Verify more than 90 % of the adult population.
  • Beat fraud with a fully automated audit trail with built-in triangulation

Our data source has been in the market for over 30 years and has unique access to identity data due to its role in government census, as well as collateral activities in terms of geo-referencing address data and telemarketing campaigns.

How triangulation fights fraud

World-leading data, technology and expertise

Onboard good customers in seconds

Fraud is evolving and growing. Our identity data and document verification technology helps you fight identity fraud and balance your approach to risk when it comes to onboarding new customers.

Carrying out multiple identity verification and document authenticity checks is critical to AML compliance, understanding your customers through Know Your Customer (KYC) and offering the best customer experience.

GBG Identity Solution does the hard work for you. Triangulation cross-references your checks, taking the complexity out of your digital onboarding process and audit trail while returning match rates you can have complete confidence in, whatever your approach to risk.

We layer ID documents, data, biometrics and in-house forensic document experts (FDE) checks to give you a 100% decision rate and deliver the insights you need.

Onboard customers you can trust and grow their lifetime value with GBG Identity Solution.

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