Argentina Identity Checks

Onboarding customers in Argentina with zero compromise

  • Tech-led

    Fuzzy matching and smart algorithms give you a reliable and robust identity verification solution.

  • 100% decision rate

    Spend less time and resources on referrals and onboard more good customers.

  • Fraud resistant

    Make things harder for fraudsters with unique triangulation technology.

High-quality information is widely available in Argentina.

The main challenge is post-matching and generating match codes due to long Spanish names and local addressing standards.

Our Identity Solution detects and reduces fraud with fully automated multi-check cross-referencing. That means no more manual document-data comparisons and no need to write proprietary algorithms to connect the two sets of checks.

With our Identity Solution, you can

  • Onboard good customers in seconds
  • Proof of Identity (name to DOB) match rates of more than 70%
  • Full identity verification match (name to DOB and address) of nearly 40%
  • Verify nearly 100% of the adult population
  • Fully automated audit trail with built-in triangulation

GBG accesses official sources, including the tax office (AFIP) and government population registry (RENAPER), to verify customer identities.

How triangulation fights fraud

World-leading data, technology and expertise. Always at your fingertips.

Onboard good customers in seconds

Fraud is evolving and growing. Our identity data and document verification technology helps you fight identity fraud and balance your approach to risk when it comes to onboarding new customers.

Carrying out multiple identity verification and document authenticity checks is critical to AML compliance, understanding your customers through Know Your Customer (KYC) and offering the best customer experience.

GBG Identity Solution does the hard work for you. Triangulation cross-references your checks, taking the complexity out of your digital onboarding process and audit trail while returning match rates you can have complete confidence in, whatever your approach to risk.

We layer ID documents, data, biometrics and in-house forensic document experts (FDE) checks to give you a 100% decision rate and deliver the insights you need.

Onboard customers you can trust and grow their lifetime value with GBG Identity Solution.

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