GBG Multi Bureau

Boost match rates & onboard more good customers first time with an always-on multi-bureau solution

Better results from the first wash

Access multiple credit bureaus through a single, easy integration that can be tailored to fit any risk-based approach.

Control data callout priorities and get higher match rates you can trust with a transparent, granular audit trail that eliminates double matching.

With infinite risk profiles and a completely configurable set-up, you can onboard more good customers without compromising on compliance.

How it works

  • Granularity

    Understand exactly how each decision is made and avoid double matching

  • Configurability

    Control the level of data you want to match customers against

  • Resilience

    Maintain business continuity in the event of credit bureau service disruption

Best practice identity verification

Our intelligent algorithms and fuzzy-matching take the ambiguity out of identity verification. We crunch the data to give you a 100% decision you can explore in granular detail. See why our solutions are better placed to onboard good customers and fight fraud.

Features GBG Multi Bureau Black box solution
Match rates Control over data sources to maximise match rates A one-size-fits-all approach that limits match rates
Risk profiles Infinite risk profiles to meet the needs of your different products and customers Limited risk profiles
Data insight Granular insight of source data that allows you to make trusted decisions, e.g. reliability, recency, reach  No source data insight , leading to dual or less-robust matching
Control Control of how you want to match (fuzzy/exact) and score (First name., surname, dob, email etc) each data element No understanding or control of matching algorithms or techniques
Audit trail A complete audit trail that demonstrates why decisions were made, and the integrity of the data used to verify an identity  No way to demonstrate decision logic or improve your processes 
Integration A single, future-proof integration that facilitates orchestration of multiple and identity data types, emerging data types and regulatory changes Requires additional, manual integrations as new data emerges and regulations change 
Uptime 100% uptime for customer onboarding without interruption Service downtime interrupts customer onboarding and increases abandonment rates
Support Specialist, credible identity insight with trusted technology, data ingestion and expertise in technology and regulatory compliance No specialist industry insight or expertise 

Switch to GBG Multi Bureau

GBG Multi Bureau can save you time and resources on manual identity verification or second washes, and integration is simple. Existing GBG customers can enable Multi Bureau in just a few minutes.

Trials with GBG's Multi Bureau solution promise growth, by onboarding more genuine customers

Understanding a greater breadth and depth of data really enables trust, protects your business against fraud and allows good customers in.

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