Forensic Document Experts

Get a 100% decision rate with additional document checking carried out by a dedicated team of experts.

  • Document verification

    Classify and authenticate any identity document in the world with confidence and in just 2 minutes.

  • Prevent fraud

    Add an extra layer of defence against fraud and demonstrate KYC, AML and GDPR compliance.

  • Smooth and quick onboarding

    Onboard more good customers create an experience that fosters long-term relationships.

Changing customer behaviours, complex regulation and sophisticated fraud make it harder to do business.

GBG IDscan helps you build simple, secure and compliant experiences for your customers worldwide, with Forensic Document Experts (FDE) adding human expertise for the most complete and robust document verification.

Trained to CIFAS standards and with a comprehensive knowledge of identity documents, our FDE team also researches identity documents to stay up to date with the market and evolving identity fraud techniques. Its research also validates and maintains our proprietary global IDscan library.

Onboard good customers in seconds

Fraud is evolving and increasing. Fight identity fraud and balance your approach to risk when onboarding new customers with our document verification technology and FDE team.

Document authenticity checks are critical to staying AML complaint, understanding your customers through Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and giving the best customer experience.

GBG IDscan does the hard work for you. We cross-reference checks to take the complexity out of your digital onboarding process, and our granular audit trail provides you and regulators with the detail you need to be confident in your decisions, whatever your approach to risk.

Our layering of ID document, data, biometrics and in-house forensic document experts (FDE) delivers a 100% decision rate, as well as the accuracy and insights you need. Be confident you’re only onboarding customers you can trust, and use data insights to grow the lifetime value of your customers.

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