Document Tamper Detection

Digital onboarding with document tampering checks to fight fraud

  • Tackle identity fraud

    Keep fraudsters out with physical and digital document tamper detection technology and authentication tolerance settings.

  • Onboard customers quickly

    There’s no trade-off between getting customers onboard quickly and compliantly. Our technology needs minimal user interaction and works to your risk-based approach.

  • Technology

    Using technology to check document authenticity means you onboard customers faster, offer better user experience, and get a fully automated audit trail.

As fraud changes to find new methods of manipulation, so does our development of anti-fraud measures with the identity verification solutions we provide.

The ability to change how strictly you process a document is controlled by the tolerance level setting. Three tolerance levels means you choose how to balance document reading variations against your acceptable level of risk. Using document tamper detection in your digital onboarding journey will help reduce your business risk of fraud by identifying faked or fraudulent identity documents. And because the document image is captured and stored in your audit trail, you can clearly demonstrate excellent compliance behaviours. Access to a global library of more than 4,000 document types means a 100% decision rate for your customers being onboarded.

Digital tamper detection

Our technology identifies the fingerprints that digital tampering leaves behind, helping your business lower the risk of fraud and loss. Modifying part of an identity document can take just minutes using photo editing software, and more often than not, goes completely undetected by the naked eye. Types of digital tampering include chromatic aberration, sensor noise and JPEG compression.

The software inspects the metadata of an ID image to indicate that the image was generated / saved using an image editor e.g. MS Photos, PaintShop Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS6. When digital tampering is detected, you’ll get notified with clear visuals in your Investigation Studio for use in your compliance audit trail.

When digital tampering is detected, you’ll get notified with clear visuals in your Investigation Studio for use in your compliance audit trail.

Physical tamper detection

Our machine-learning technology detects physical tamper detection to help business fight identity fraud. Recaptured images and face substitution are a challenge for any business that uses remote identity verification because they’re hard to spot with the naked eye.

A photo of a printed/displayed digitally tampered image does not contain any traces of digital tampering because it’s a genuine digital image. Therefore, detecting recaptured images is key to fraud prevention.

If a picture of a document has been used for customer checks, our technology can determine the original print quality of the document. We can verify if the image captured is of a real document or a home-printed, fraudulent version.

We identify feature and noise levels of regions that correspond to printed characters and detects whether the image is an authentic physical ID document or a recapture on paper or a screen.

World-leading data, technology and expertise. Always at your fingertips.

Onboard good customers in seconds, not days.

Fraud adapts and evolves, and is increasing. Our identity data and document verification technology helps you fight identity fraud to help you balance your approach to risk when it comes to onboarding new customers.

Carrying out multiple identity verification and document authenticity checks is critical to staying AML complaint, understanding your customers through Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, and giving the best customer experience.

But how do you manage all those checks? You don’t.

We do the hard work for you. Triangulation is the way we cross-reference those checks, taking the complexity out of your digital onboarding process and audit trail while returning match rates you can have complete confidence in, whatever your approach to risk.

You get a 100% decision rate because our layering of ID document, data, biometrics and in-house forensic document experts (FDE) deliver the accuracy and insights you need. We give you confidence that you’re only onboarding the customers you can trust, and the ability to use those insights to grow the lifetime value of your customers.

How triangulation fights fraud

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