Our Privacy & Compliance Plan

We're committed to ensuring we do the right thing for you.

GBG’s approach to privacy & data compliance.

As a business built on data, we can't afford to get this wrong - so are committed to ensuring we do the right thing for GBG, our customers, the third parties we work with and individuals.

We know that complete GDPR compliance for GBG can only be maintained through a collaborative and transparent approach with our suppliers and customers. With over 20,000 customers across all sectors and operating in over 70 countries, and accessing data on identities for a range of purposes, we're sure you can appreciate the complexities involved.

Our GDPR plan

We developed our GDPR plan in November 2016 based on an industry framework (Nymity), which was shared at PDP’s UK Data Protection Conference (October 2016) and IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress in Brussels (November 2016). This framework covers over 130 privacy management activities, categorised into 13 key areas:

  1. Governance Structure
  2. Data Inventory
  3. Data Privacy Policies
  4. Embed Data Privacy into Operations
  5. Training & Awareness Program
  6. Information Security Risk
  7. Manage Third Party Risk
  8. Maintain Notices
  9. Consumer Queries/Complaints
  10. Monitor Operational Practices
  11. Maintain Data Privacy Breach Management Program
  12. Monitor Data Handling Practices
  13. Track External Criteria

Building strong foundations was key to the ongoing management of our privacy program.

This framework is used as a baseline for meeting privacy requirements globally, tweaking our approach in country, where required.

Governance Structure and GBG’s Data Protection Officer

Data privacy is discussed throughout GBG with regular presentations to the Board of Directors and Executive Team.

GBG’s named Data Protection Officer is Kate Lewis

Kate leads the Privacy and Data Compliance Team, where each Data Protection Manager has a core focus on the products GBG deliver, helping embed data privacy into operations whilst also monitoring activity on an ongoing basis. We have also implemented OneTrust to manage our privacy program globally.

Data Inventory

We know what data we have, where it’s held, how we access it, the classification of the data, records for transfer and flow charts to show how it moves between systems, processes and countries.

Embedding Data Privacy into Operations – Training, Awareness & DPIAs

In January 2017 we launched an internal initiative called be/compliant. This ongoing program has 4 key principles to ensure our team members do the right thing:

  • We’ll ensure we know what we can do with data, and if unsure, we’ll ask
  • We’ll be clear about how we’re going to use data
  • We’ll ensure we protect the data we hold/process
  • We’ll ensure compliance, both individually and as a team

Underpinning this is not only communication, but clear policies and procedures, plus mandatory training for all team members globally.  New Team Members complete the mandatory training when they join GBG and then everyone, regardless of role or seniority, must complete this annually.  If there is a specific update or training which needs to be shared, this is done at the point in time.

All Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Legitimate Interests Assessments (LIAs) are conducted where appropriate, utilising OneTrust.

Information Security Risk

GBG is ISO27001 accredited, with some areas of our business also covered by PCI:DSS.

The Information Security Team are focussed on maintaining an information security program which covers everything you would expect and more.

This includes technical security measures (e.g. intrusion, detection, firewalls, monitoring), encryption of personal data, restricted access to personal data, protection of our physical premises and hard assets, maintaining security measures for our team members (e.g. pre-screening), a data-loss prevention strategy and regular testing of our security posture.

Third Party Risk and our Data Suppliers

Due diligence prior to working with a third party is key to ensure data has been gathered lawfully, and to ensure any data we share will be secure. Once a contract has been signed, this is also reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Where appropriate, a Data Privacy Impact Assessment will be completed and evidence gathered, such as copies of privacy notices, a due diligence questionnaire, and periodic testing.

We have over 200 data suppliers globally, who need to comply with applicable data protection regulations. Depending on where the data supplier is in the world, and what data they process, GDPR compliance may not be relevant but compliance with applicable legislation is.

Each party in the chain has an obligation to ensure the third parties they each work with measure up, which is something we’re committed to here at GBG.

Responding to individual complaints and data subject rights

We already have a very robust process for dealing with consumer queries and data subject rights, but we continually review for improvement.

Our consumer query process is also used to monitor our customers, our data partners and our products/processes. Root cause analysis is applied to every enquiry, allowing us to identify if further action is required.

Data Privacy Breach Management Program

We have an effective data privacy incident and breach management plan, which we'll continue to review and enhance as required.

Ongoing Monitoring

Monitoring covers many areas at GBG. 

Internally we have our own Data Audit team who focus on 3 areas: internal compliance, our data suppliers and our customers, to make sure we are all doing the right thing.

We're regularly audited by external third parties – our customers, our data suppliers and external bodies, such as IESB when reviewing our ISO27001 status or PCI:DSS compliance.

We're a member of IAPP, International Association of Privacy Professionals and also subscribe to DataGuidance, an online platform which allows you to conduct privacy research efficiently and accurately, whilst also monitoring for international data protection development.

We also attend many conferences, webinars and are part of a compliance think tank with a number of businesses in the data industry.

Lastly, we utilise OneTrust as our global privacy management platform, which provides visibility of our activity.

As a PLC and a business built on data, we can't afford to get this wrong.  The reputational risk far exceeds any fine. That's why we're committed to ensuring we do the right thing, for us, our customers, the third parties we work with and individuals.

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