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GBG’s Identity checking solutions simplify the identity verification process by enabling customer onboarding across any channel, including the mobile web.

The biggest obstacle to frictionless onboarding is the need for a customer to download an app. Our new web-based Software Development Kit (SDK) removes this problem by offering access via the web browser on every customer’s smartphone.

Our web SDK allows users to access the high-quality camera on their device, ensuring the best possible capture of their ID document, first time.

It also reduces the need to ask customers which country they’re from and what documents they intend to present with features including:

  • SmartCapture – Our SDK eliminates blurring and glare by taking the photograph when conditions are just right, resulting in better image quality.
  • Auto-classification – Web SDK saves customers time by automatically determining what document is being captured
  • Simple liveness detection – Be confident your customer is truly present during onboarding by asking them to perform simple gestures.
  • Camera capability detection – Web SDK automatically defaults to file upload when it detects your customer’s camera can’t capture clear enough images.
  • Instant availability – Web SDK is accessible via smartphone, with no need to download large applications, remember AppStore passwords, or store large files on their phones.

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Capture a picture of your customer's ID and we will do the rest.

Automatically extract details from proof and identity and address documents in seconds.

Balance fraud prevention and speed of onboarding using our award-winning anti-tampering detection technology and online Forensic Document Examiner service. 

Why GBG one-touch onboarding?

Document recognition – no need to ask users to specify the type of document they are submitting

Smart capture – remove the reliance on the customer to capture a good quality image

Data extraction – Reduce the need for manual entry of information and reduce data entry mistakes

Face Match – Ensure the ID document submitted matches the person trying to access your services

Liveness – Anti-impersonation technology for additional fraud protection

Tolerance levels – Take control of customer onboarding customisable acceptance criteria

Anti-Tampering detection – Ensure documents have not been digitally altered

Online Forensic Document Checking Service – Eliminate the need for manual investigation of exceptions

4 reasons why our customers choose GBG's one touch digital onboarding

Be confident your customers are who they say they are
Protect yourself and your customers from identity fraud, money laundering and reputational damage
Get help to comply with relevant laws, standards and regulations
Improve efficiency; save time and resource

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Have confidence your customers are who they say they are

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