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WIC WorldCom Finance selects GBG

Published: Monday April 07, 2014

GBG's ID3global solution will ensure the KYC regulations are enforced to the highest standard 

London,  7 April 2014 

GBG, the global leader in Identity Intelligence, has announced that WIC WorldCom Finance, a leading developer and provider of internet platforms for international money transfers and bank deposits, has selected its flagship ID3global solution to enable compliance with global Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. 

As an international online finance platform, WorldCom Finance must ensure that its exchanges are secure and protected from money laundering and fraud. GBG's ID3global delivers this on a global scale while subscribing to regulatory demands and keeping users safe. The world's leading identity verification software provides robust verification for over 3 billion people across the globe.

GBG's solution, with its full range of KYC services, will provide the essential technical configurability to meet WorldCom Finance's specific business needs, and those of its customers. GBG's software will also play a leading role in supporting WorldCom Finance's international expansion, helping the company stay compliant in multiple jurisdictions. 

Founded in 2009, WIC WorldCom Finance develops and provides Internet platforms to enable the swift transferring of money between countries and deposits of funds into bank accounts across the globe. By creating direct links to banks and licensed money transform locations, WorldCom Finance enables customers to transfer money by efficient and secure means.

Yuval Tal, CEO of WIC WorldCom Finance, said: "In a digital age, with online money transfers on the rise, knowing who our customers are is of paramount importance to ensure smooth and safe transactions. GBG provides a global solution to worldwide PEPs and Sanctions on a single platform, and will play an imperative role in our mission to expand our international operations."

Glenn Porter, General Manager International Identity Verification at GBG, said: "WIC WorldCom Finance is the latest exciting company we're delighted to be working with. The business has grown to be one of Israel's largest corporations, and with GBG's technology enabling accurate identity verification across the globe, WorldCom Finance will be equipped with a global solution to support its international operations."

About WIC Worldcom Finance 

WIC WorldCom Finance Ltd is part of the WIC Group, a leading telecommunications and finance group listed by D&B's DUNS100 and ranked amongst the 100 largest corporations in Israel. The company has developed its own money transfer system which his connected directly to key finance partners and banks covering large number of countries and continents. Combined with its quality service, personal around the clock customer support and superior network, WorldCom Finance brand is turning stronger serving thousands of customers daily, as it becomes the natural choice for money transfer customers

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