Reveal another side of your customers

Published: Monday November 17, 2014

Aliases, avatars and personas - everyone has both an on and offline identity, and sometimes these can be quite different. Without knowing their social profiles you only know half your customer. Profitable and successful online organizations need to match offline and online social media consumer profiles to give them a 360 degree view of consumers and their behaviour.

Wouldn't a consumer's offline data (name, address, bank details, etc.) be even more useful if they could be matched to the consumer's online presence on social platforms? With social media penetration now at 44% in western Europe and 56% in the USA (and continuing to grow in both regions) it's obvious that having a clear vision of a consumer's social presence will become ever more critical to robust identification and verification procedures. Only when their offline data and social presence come together do you really have a full understanding of your customer and how best to service them. Seeing both sides of customers' profiles allows you to see them not just as cold identity data but as individuals with varied interests, behaviours and social outlets that can influence how, when and what you communicate with them.

Updating vital customer records used to be as simple as appending a postal address or telephone number. However, mobile and email has now greatly increased as the main points of contact with customers.  The introduction of smartphone technology and the rise of a new generation of customers who are online, digital natives has fuelled the explosion of social media adoption across the globe.  

So whilst many companies have embraced social media in some form, few use it to obtain the useful customer data required to successfully interact with individual customers. GBG have found that 75% of its customers recognise the importance of a social strategy yet less a third of them have enough confidence in their social data to make their strategy effective in achieving business goals. Communicating in a personal and meaningful way through social media has been severely limited by this lack of social insight data. As a result, organisations have used paid advertising, blogging and branded materials covered with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn logos to gain followers and social contact details.

But all of that is set to change with GBGroup's solution which provides the capability to capture and validate social IDs at the point of registration in a matter of seconds - three to be precise.

GBG Matchcode can already verify email addresses but now with Matchcode Social Sync it is able to match a consumer's social media identity too by checking it against over 130 social platforms across 240 countries worldwide.

This latest innovation to the Matchcode software suite allows consumers registering, say, on a website to have their traditional offline information: name, address, email, mobile and landline data automatically synchronised with their Twitter, Facebook or other social identities. 

By cross referencing against multiple data sources in real-time, Matchcode Social Sync allows you to achieve a near instant, up-to-date picture of the consumer, enabling you to match their Social Media accounts to:

  • maximise on your social marketing strategies
  • help tailor responses and reactions online
  • deliver better services using channels which consumers prefer
  • take your customer relationships to another level

With combined UK interactions on social media adding up to 62 million hours each day, this new functionality will enable businesses to make the most of this important communications vehicle.

To learn more about how Matchcode Social Sync can help you see both sides of your consumers and gain deep insight into their online behaviours download the GBGroup Matchcode information sheet here.

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