How retailers can ensure Right to Work compliance

Published: Monday November 09, 2015

75% of businesses experience employee fraud, resulting in estimated recruitment costs of £616 million in the UK alone. Additionally, it is estimated that 70% of fraudsters use counterfeit or forged EU passports and ID cards.

With the rise of migration across Europe and humanitarian crises such as that playing out in Syria, keeping abreast of which job applicants are legitimately allowed to work in the UK and those who aren’t is becoming more and more complex. 

In the field of illegal working, the most common types of fraud are those where documents are either totally fabricated or where existing paperwork has been updated to reflect a different ID – often one that has been stolen. 

Organisations can reduce their risk of employing an illegal worker by using technology which can recognize these counterfeit documents, with the added advantage of reducing potential employee fraud at the same time.

The challenge is how to deal with people who appear to have the right to work in the UK but are in fact basing this on a false or stolen ID – perhaps to avoid their criminal record being discovered. With £1.6 billion lost due to employee theft and fraud, these checks aren’t just a compliance exercise: they can have a very real impact on the bottom line.

There is a lot of pressure on businesses to find the best talent and complete the recruitment and on-boarding processes quickly. For retailers approaching the Christmas season, there is even more pressure. But right to work checks are only one part of the pre-employment screening process that all organisations need to conduct. By streamlining pre-employment processes, businesses can get the right people on board quickly without incurring a cumbersome paper chase that is inefficient for both organisation and employee.

The good news is that the job market these days is genuinely global, broadening the pool of talent available.  The big question is ‘are your compliance systems and processes ready to embrace it?’

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