NAGA accelerates its automated onboarding process with digital identity verification powered by GBG

NAGA has partnered with GBG to safely and securely verify client identities for its online trading and investment platform.

With a fully automated process, configured to meet its risk-based approach, NAGA is providing a seamless customer onboarding experience that is fully KYC and AML compliant.

With a shift to digital identity verification and onboarding, NAGA is emphasising its aim since being founded in 2015 - making trading and investing easy and safe. Its mission is to give everyone a powerful, simple and secure platform that unifies investing, banking, cryptocurrencies and social networking – all with a single sign-on.

GBG’s IDscan and ID3global solutions will empower NAGA to verify applicants’ identities remotely, from anywhere in the world, within minutes - reducing the need for a lengthy manual verification process.

Andreas Edris, NAGA’s Director of Customer Experience said: “We’re extremely pleased to be partnering with GBG. By working with GBG’s innovative solutions and experienced team, we’re now able to safely approve clients in minutes, not days.”

Andy Chrascina, Sales Director GBG said: “We’re delighted to partner with NAGA Markets and to help enhance the digital trading and investment experience. This is part of our ongoing vision to ensure that we can help businesses solve their current challenges relating to identity whilst planning for their future operational requirements.”


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