Liveness: the low-down

You’ve probably heard of liveness; it’s one of those buzzwords that’s flying around the identity verification market at the moment. But what does liveness actually offer? And why do you need it? We spoke to GBG’s Product Owner, Tobin Broadfoot to get the low-down…

So, what is liveness?

Our new liveness solution works with GBG IDscan’s FaceMatch feature, designed to check that the customer submitting the document is the same person that has the phone, by taking a selfie. Liveness looks to prove that your customer is actually there, rather than them just taking a photo i.e. a “fake selfie”. We’ve provided liveness to our customers previously, however recently we’ve taken a more innovative approach that makes this even easier for the user.

Why would anyone need to use liveness?

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly innovative and FaceMatch alone has known vulnerabilities that fraudsters could attack. Liveness provides that extra layer of protection for organisations that require a greater degree of certainty for their risk profile.

How does liveness work?

In parallel to FaceMatch (where the face in the document is matched to the selfie), we then request the user carries out between one to seven steps to prove it’s them: smile, frown, tilt head left, tilt head right, tilt head back, tilt head forward and look straight ahead. The sequence is randomised so that fraudsters can’t prepare. You can configure the number of steps to suit your fraud risk profile.

Where do you see liveness headed in the future?

We’re continually iterating to make our liveness solution even better and we’ve got loads of ideas for the future. There’s so many great technology options available to us, so we’ll be developing these to suit the varying needs of our customers on the simplicity/trust scale. We’ve already begun work on additional liveness options so that our customers can address the “is that same user really there?” use case for remote onboarding.

Our key motto is ‘make it easy for good people, while stopping the bad’ – and that’s where liveness helps.

Contact us to find out more about incorporating liveness into your onboarding process.


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