Life at GBG with our Product Owner

In the next instalment of our blog series featuring our talented team members around the globe, we look at a day in the life of our UK-based Product Owner, Laura Barrowcliff.

Before I joined GBG, I worked at a small, family run marketing agency, which enabled me to get my CIM qualification in professional marketing. My entry into GBG and, oddly enough, my transition into product was all mediated by maternity leave! I joined the company as a marketing team member to cover someone’s maternity leave, and then when someone in product took it a year later I transitioned across.

I’d spent a lot of time working with the product department before and really enjoyed it, as well as learning about how all our products function and what we were developing at the time. Since then, the product department has grown and now we’re operating with an entirely new structure, with myself as the product owner for GBG Datacare, GBG Connexus, and our employee screening solutions.

The learning curve was steep, but GBG is built around people, and support is a huge factor in that. Even with only limited technical knowledge, I was able to build an understanding of how everything fits together, and a few years ago I oversaw the total design and functionality of a new product – GBG Connexus. Before joining GBG, I could never have imagined myself doing that.

My typical day starts out with a team ‘scrum’, where we look at the day ahead as a team. But in all honesty, no two days are the same. I could be planning a feature release, dealing with technical issues, meeting with suppliers or presenting to investors. Really and truly, I’m here to make sure we align with our UVP-3 (unique value proposition) methodology and increase our product scope.

Seeing GBG’s revenue grow as a direct result of our work is very rewarding. We make a real different to the bottom line here, from concept to build to delivery. GBG has grown immensely since I joined 7 years ago; when I started we had one office! Now you have to think globally, which has been fascinating.

The company has developed at a speed to match the expansion though; for example the implementation of Agile has helped hugely to advance the relationship between product and technology teams. The culture is supportive, and even with small teams ballooning into full business units, everyone has a voice.

If you’re interested in joining our excellent team, take a look at our latest openings on our careers page or head over to our LinkedIn.

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