Gaming in Africa goes BIG

A post by Peter Murray, Head of Gaming at GBG.

Whilst the majority of the gaming industry in Europe enjoys the hospitality of Berlin at EIG, I’m gearing up for speaking at the BiG Africa Summit being held in Cape Town next week - and further extending our support for clients into the emerging markets.

Following an event in Ghana in July, the summit in Cape Town aims to take the knowledge and expertise garnered there and enhance it with industry speakers from across land-based and online sectors globally. From a GBG perspective our colleagues in our finance and Telco sectors have spent a lot of time in the region, and we have had significant development both in our identity and fraud solutions as well as the technological capabilities that underpin them. This is starting to pay dividends for our gaming clients as they look to position themselves for what has to be one of the most exciting opportunities for growth in the world.

Accessible and reliable mobile networks, improving payments capabilities, and huge sporting interest has to make Africa front and centre for gaming organisations as they look to expand their reach, and they are keen to hear how regulation will develop – all reasons why I’m really looking forward to chairing the panel on responsible gaming. Regulation in this region looks to have player protections as a starting point, so being able to give our expertise in the areas of social responsibility, responsible gambling, and self-exclusion services will be particularly interesting. Working with regulators to show the power of emerging data sources and demonstrating how, when you combine technology and data in a real time environment, you can enable prospective licensees to address the key challenges around player protection will hopefully lead to a successful market for all.

In addition to speaking, I'll also be part of a panel discussing fraud and the latest challenges of keeping crime out of gambling, which will be held on the second day of the event. The event itself takes place from the 24-27th of October, and if you would like a further update or have any questions you would like me to discuss with regulators whilst I'm there then please get in touch on

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