What fraudulent documents are lurking in your archives?

Being confident that you know your customers during the onboarding process is one thing. But what about the hundreds, thousands, or more customers that you've already signed up?

Both established and new financial services organisations are continually improving their processes to ensure sufficient due diligence is carried out on the customer at the time of onboarding. This includes introducing new technology to move away from manual ID document checking. As confidence in your compliance grows for new customers, what then of your existing customer base?

How many forged or counterfeit documents are lurking in your archives? Some of our financial services customers want to know that they hold up to date identity documentation for higher risk individuals, but how many of these documents are still valid? How many have expired? How can you keep these records up to date?

At GBG IDscan, we can help you better understand the customers you already have. We can process your existing customer records and hunt out identification documents that shouldn’t have been accepted during early onboarding processes. We can find all the identity documents that have now expired, and help you determine which customers to request updated documentation from, and of course, check that the documents that customers resubmit  are also valid.

Compliance shouldn’t be a one off exercise. We’ve designed our 9-step retrospective identity checking solution to be quick and easy for you to remain compliant…

At GBG IDscan, we know documents.

Not only do we provide the technology to help customers validate identity documents, we can also provide the expertise to help customers understand how to put the most compliant identity checking processes in place.

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