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Director/PDMR shareholding 28.11.14

Published: Friday November 28, 2014

28 November 2014

("GBGroup" or "GBG" or "the Company")

Notification of Director's Interest

The Board of GBGroup announces that the recent investment of shares in GBG by Dave Wilson, the Group Finance & Operations Director (as announced on 24 November 2014), was carried out under the Bonus Deferral and Share Matching Plan of the Company.  Accordingly, subject to the conditions outlined below, Mr Wilson's investment has today been matched, grossed up for income taxes, to 2.0x the investment made.

Mr Wilson's conditional matching award is set out in the table below. The figures reflect the maximum number of matched shares over which the option might be exercised. The actual number will depend upon the extent to which the established performance conditions are satisfied over the performance period.

Name Performance Period Award Maximum Matching on Exercise Price Payable
David Wilson, Group Finance & Operations Director 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2017 90,566 shares Nominal Value (2.5p)

Following this announcement, Mr Wilson has options over a maximum of 1,014,346 shares.

A summary of the rules of the Bonus Deferral and Share Matching Plan is as follows:

The Company announced in November 2011 that following consultation with its major shareholders, the Remuneration Committee of the Board had approved the establishment of a salary sacrifice, bonus deferral and share matching plan whereby the executive directors and certain senior managers will have the opportunity to elect to invest up to 20% of their annual salary and up to 80% of their annual bonus in ordinary shares. Subject to continued employment, the retention of these shares and the meeting of a demanding financial performance target, the investment will be matched on a gross basis by matching shares, in the form of options with a nominal value exercise price, which will, subject to these conditions, vest after three years.

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