License Declaration Form


These shall apply only to aid to your completion of the License Declaration Form and will not constitute a variation to your agreement with Loqate.

“Batch Cleanse” means batch cleansing your own Data, under a Batch license the Output Data is not passed to any 3rd parties. Batch licences allow the client to batch cleanse their own data, under a batch licence you must not cleanse or pass Output Data to any legal entity not listed on the licence agreement.

Customer”/“End User” is the ultimate beneficiary of the Product/Service and/or Output Data.  The Customer/End User may be in contract with Loqate directly or use the service via a Reseller.  For the avoidance of doubt, ‘Customer’ does not mean an individual consumer (or data subject).

Company” means the company that been issued with the License Declaration Form.  Depending on its use of the Product/Service and/or Output Data, the Company will also be known as either a Reseller or a Customer/End User.

Data” means any End User data that is processed through the Product/Service.

External Facing Website” means a website that is accessed by 3rd parties, whether other businesses or consumers and which is not just accessed by the Customer or its representatives.

Group Company(ies)” means the Company, or another company if that other company:

  • holds a majority of the voting rights in it; or
  • is a member of it and has the right to appoint or remove a majority of its board of director; or
  • is a member of it and controls alone, pursuant to an agreement with other members, a majority of the voting rights in it; or if it is a subsidiary of a company that is itself a subsidiary of that other company.

“Instance” means a copy of the Local Install Solution that is installed or made available or ready for use. Instances are counted individually based on the number of applications that are active on the environment. Instances running on virtual machines or in containers are counted in the same way as physical installations. A “Per Instance” license model means a license package based on the number of permitted Installations installed on physical servers, virtual services or in container environments.  Multiple instances running on the same physical or virtual hardware are classed as individual instances and are licensed as such.

Internal Use” means use of the Product/Service and/or Output Data to enhance/cleanse Data owned by that entity as opposed to data belonging to a 3rd party business.

Local Install Solution” means Product/Services provided via a locally deployed software solution which will be hosted on the Company’s own server, system or private cloud.

Loqate” means either Loqate Inc., GB Group plc and/or PCA Predict Inc., as indicated in the Company’s agreement for use of the Product/Service. 

“Output Data” means all information and/or enhanced Data provided as a result of the use of the Product and/or Service.

Product” or Service” means the Loqate Verify, Matchcode360 or Capture+ product/service provided, either as a Local Install Solution, Web Service and/or Batch Service (as detailed in the Company’s agreement with Loqate).

“Real-Time Address Look-Ups” means any retrieval of data returned as part of the input of Data or as Data is being captured. Usually but not exclusively used for Data capture from consumers.

“Resell” means the provision of the Product/Service and/or Output Data by the Company to its Customers (End Users) whether for commercial gain or not.  This may include bundling of the Product/Services with the Company’s products, scores and other online services.  The term “Reseller” shall be construed accordingly.

Systems Integrator” means a 3rd party that carries out implementation services in relation to the Product/Services.

“Transaction” means a single search, click, check or any other means of obtaining Output Data.  A “Per Transaction” license model means a license package based on the number of permitted Transactions that may be carried out using the Product/Service.

“User(s)” means anyone (individual) who has been given access to the Product/Service. A “Per User” license model means a license package based on the number of permitted Users who have access to the Product/Service. For Local Install Solutions, this will also be subject to a specified number of permitted Instances installed on physical servers, virtual services or in container environments. User licenses are assigned to a single person and not a device so can be used by the named User on multiple devices if required, providing that the Company does not exceed the specified number of Instances when taken via a Local Install Solution.

Web Service” means where the Product/Service is hosted by Loqate and provided to via an API integration or web portal.

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