Why invest?

We are GBG, global specialists in identity data intelligence.

We offer a series of solutions that help organisations quickly validate and verify the identity and location of their customers. It is our vision to be the leader in identity data intelligence, increasing global opportunities and creating positive growth.

The best data

Our unique partnerships with leading global data providers are a differentiator and a barrier to entry for competitors. Maintained to the highest standards of integrity, our depth of data means we offer customers unique access to the most accurate data, so they can make more intelligent decisions, increase revenue and improve operational efficiency.

The best technology

It's our focus to ensure that our technology prioritises customer ease, speed and convenience; that's why our global team of technologists comprise over a third of our total workforce. We also maintain and continually optimise our internal infrastructure to provide operational excellence and efficiencies. Our innovation, drawing on knowledge of evolving technologies such as machine learning, biometrics and voice commands, is key to growth.

The best people

Having surpassed 1,000 people across our global offices, we continue to focus on developing the skills and experience of our team to meet the demands of the business. Our People Plan continues to ensure we have outstanding engagement across the business with 92% of the team actively participating in our engagement surveys and 91% recommending GBG as a ‘great place to work’.

Why invest?

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