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It's a challenging marketplace, and doing business isn't easy. Customer experience is the new battle ground. Maintaining compliance with ever changing regulations including AML, KYC and age verification is ongoing, and fraud continues to evolve in the digital era. You need fast and compliant identity checks for every customer.

More customers, less fraud.

Our fast and simple onboarding experience, combined with regulatory rigour means you gain more customers with no compromise to compliance. Through the unique network of data partnerships, you’re able to onboard customers from across the globe. Each one verified in seconds. Always compliant.

Take control. Only accept the customers you want.

Our risk profiles are uniquely flexible, so you can optimise your identity verification processes to maximise the number of good customers you sign up, whilst avoiding the bad. Forget investigations, get Yes or No decisions only with a 100% decision rate. Our layering of ID documents, data, biometrics and human reviewers delivers the accuracy and insights you need.

Letting the good customers in, fast. Keeping the bad ones out, forever. Meeting compliance regulations, always.

You'll be in good company

Fundamental to our strategy of combating financial crime, we've seen a 60% reduction in the value of attacks and losses to fraud reducing from 10% to just 3% of the total attempts.

Newcastle Building Society

We are now able to provide our customers a smoother onboarding process and this allows us to get more customers trading, in a faster fashion.


What really sold it to us was the GBG team’s expertise; every question was answered in great detail. The other suppliers’ demos were slick but we made a decision that GBG were a better fit for Jordans.


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Find out how we can help you maximise onboarding rates, globally, whilst preventing fraud and meeting your compliance obligations.

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