Product roadmap

The following is intended to outline our general product direction and is not commitment to deliver. The development, release and timings of items below are indicative, and are at the sole discretion of GBG. Our Fiscal year runs from 1 April 2020 - 31 March 2021.

Now Available

Passive Liveness

Liveness that needs minimal user interaction for document-led journeys and works to your risk-based approach. Helps you detect fraud proving genuine presence whilst minimising friction in the onboarding experience.

Reducing your exposure to risk

High level document-led results tailoring services

Complete customisation of IDscan document authentication checks to reflect your unique requirements and use cases allows you to configure the product based on your approach to risk

Reducing your exposure to risk Making it easy to use GBG

Document Investigation studio

Quick and secure access to your document-based customer onboarding audit trail accessible via integrated API or web login. Gives you full transparency over the decision and proves and extract information as fraud flags.

Making it easy to use GBG

In progress

Integrated Ongoing Monitoring

A seamless integrated experience from ID3global into GBG’s ongoing monitoring solution with automatic rules aligned to AML. Single solution from onboarding to ongoing monitoring to reduce overhead and ensure there are no gaps in your risk process.

Reducing your exposure to risk Making it easy to use GBG

Cifas improvements

Improving the granularity of Cifas result codes to enable more tailored decision making. Better-leverage the UK’s most trusted known fraud database at the point of onboarding with granularity that allows you to configure to your risk-based approach.

Reducing your exposure to risk

No code/Low code IDscan

Simplifying our integration channels (API/SDK’s). Making it simpler and faster to deploy our document verification tech across your internal systems.

Making it easy to use GBG


Fraud checks

Layering our verification checks with authentication data sets including mobile, email and velocity. Enabling you to detect identity fraud at the point of identity onboarding.

Reducing your exposure to risk

Watchlists with document-led journeys

Including Politically Exposed Persons and Sanctions watch lists information within a document-led journey. Enables you to achieve a compliant onboarding check through a document first journey.

Reducing your exposure to risk

Proof of address from utility bills training

Automating the acceptance of proof of address documents such as utility bills as part of KYC. Increasing your ability to automate document checking as part of your onboarding and fraud checks.

Giving your customers great experience


Verification with Digital Identity schemes

Including identity schemes within our platform. Enables onboarding choice whilst maintaining a single audit trail for compliance and risk purposes.

Giving your customers great experience

Behavioural Biometrics

Layering our biometric checks with behavioural biometrics such as voice, and device interaction. Detects more fraud by including decisioning on the users’ behaviours at the point in time of onboarding.

Reducing your exposure to risk

Re-verification & in-life checks

Extending our offering to provide a solution that continues to re-authenticate an identity customers move from onboarding to transacting. Continue to trust the identity you are working with by identifying any increase in risk to trigger passive or active re-authentication.

Reducing your exposure to risk

Identity Insights

Analysing the data that is created though our platforms to provide insight on identities and patterns. Enables better decisioning and faster onboarding.

Reducing your exposure to risk Giving your customers great experience
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