Check customers are who they say they are

Verify the identities of over 4.4 billion citizens worldwide

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An identity verification solution trusted by hundreds of businesses

Why choose GBG for identity verification?

Instant global checks

Check customer identity online in seconds for half the world’s population.

Less manual errors

Electronic verification reduces application processing costs by 70%.

High quality customers

Our clients have increased acquisition rates by 15%.

Locking imposters and launderers out

When it comes to knowing your customer, you need a dependable, real time solution that ensures your business is always protected.

Our verification software helps you stay alert to false or stolen identities, first or third party fraud, application fraud and money laundering so you can take action before it causes an issue.

Our identity verification solution also…

Helps you fight identity fraud by confirming that the account details really do belong to that customer

Protects your business to help you seamlessly meet your KYC compliance obligations

Enables you to reduce fraud, understand risk and prevent loss

Hear from our GBG ID3global customers

The paperwork was unbelievably time-consuming. Now staff just go directly to the website, enter their details and it’s done in seconds.

Peter Rexstrew, MD, Premier FX

GBG ID3global: for efficient, comprehensive protection

In addition to identity fraud prevention, GBG ID3global is capable of performing a whole portfolio of other ID checks, all of which meet global regulatory requirements.

Work with us and we’ll tailor make an individual identity verification solution that’s robust, reliable, and most importantly, compliant.

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