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11 million

stolen or lost passports in Interpol's database

€2,000 - €7,000

black market price for stolen, lost or forged EU documents


increase between 2000-2016 in identity fraud

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Age verification

Your bouncers might ask most, or everyone for ID, but would they know if the document they've been shown is fake, altered, forged or stolen? You need to ensure the people inside your nightclub are of a legal age, or you'll get fined.

Employee screening

How thoroughly do you check a candidate's ID documents during your pre-employment screening process? A quick manual check doesn't show if that individual really does have the Right To Work where you're based. You could face a civil penalty if you employ an illegal worker and haven’t carried out a correct Right To Work check.

Customer onboarding

You might ask to see ID as part of your customer onboarding process, you may even scan and keep a copy of that ID - but is the document your customer has given you even real? How would you tell? You need to Know Your Customer so you remain compliant, and protect your bottom line.

Let the good guys in, and keep the bad guys out.

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Scan, inspect and validate documents quickly, so you know who you're dealing with. Stay compliant with legislation and regulations. Protect your organisation from reputational and financial damage.

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What is an ID document scanner?

All you need for verification is your customer, their ID, and 5 seconds. It's that simple. The customer places their ID on the scanner, then the ID scanner takes a photo of their face, performs numerous checks and returns a result with confidence.

An ID document scanner combines state-of-the-art image processing, algorithms and an encyclopedic knowledge of ID documents to capture your customers' ID documents through a hardware photo ID scanner, mobile devices, or through processing stored images. An ID scanner scans enables you to scan and validate over 700 document types including passports, ID cards, visas, utility bills, work permits and driving licenses in under 10 seconds.

Using 3 different types of light to scan: white, infrared and ultraviolet, the ID photo scanner extracts data from the document via Optimal Character Recognition (OCR), which is then harmonized with our vast datasets. You can review all the details of the scan, including the tests that were run, those that passed, and those that failed.

You can configure 3 levels of tolerance: strict, medium and default, so you can tailor your ID document scanner to your business requirements:

A hardware photo ID scanner is ideal for a number of markets, especially banking or telecoms, where proving someone’s identity is vital both to protect you and your customers, and to meet increasingly strict regulations. You can integrate your ID document scanner into your bricks and mortar branches to provide instant, reliable checks. Not only can an in-store photo ID scanner help to protect that branch, it can help to protect your entire company. Our customisable alert system will flag a fake document across all your branches.

Our ID scanner can work as a standalone solution, or can be integrated within a network.

If you have an online business, your customers can upload their identity document for checking. You can even use your smart phone as an ID scanner. It's simple and easy to take clear, high quality pictures of your customer's ID documents. You'll have an unbiased result using web or mobile in 5-10 seconds as to whether the ID is authentic or not, so you can make an informed decision.

It's not enough just to know if an ID is real. You need to be confident that the person presenting it is the real owner. Facial recognition can be added to your onboarding process as as extra layer of authentication.

An ID scanner can provide instant validation of facial features between a printed document face, such as a passport photo, and a live facial image captured on a smart phone, tablet or webcam.

ID scanners are widely used in a variety of sectors including gaming, automotive, retail and ecommerce, travel, public sector, telcos, HR and financial services.

ID scanner features

Scan over 700 document types

Our ID scanner scans and validates a huge range of document types, including passports, ID cards, visas, utility bills, work permits and driving licenses.

Scan in seconds

Don't blink! Get results in 5-10 seconds, so you can make the right decision quickly.

In-depth scanning

We use Optimal Character Recognition and 3 different types of light to scan ID and extract data:

  • White: this is what our eyes see. Using white light, we can extract data, the portrait picture, and check for tampering
  • Infrared: this will read the sub-layer of the document, not visible to the naked eye. This scan will identify any tampering or forgery
  • Ultraviolet: this scan will extract the ultraviolet pattern, not visible to the naked eye

Hardware ID scanner

Our hardware ID scanner is perfect for banking, telecoms and nightclubs. You'll be able to prove someone is who they say they are, right there and then. So you can make informed decisions and comply to regulations.

Custom alert system

If someone tries to use a fraudulent ID in one of your branches, we'll flag it in every branch, so you're protected across your business.

Custom tolerance

It's your business, so you decide the level of tolerance for ID scanning. You can set strict, medium or default levels to suit your business needs.


You can use your ID scanner as a standalone solution, or integrate it into your network.

Online checks

Your customers can upload their identity documents using an online browser, so you can onboard customers quickly and compliantly, whilst not disrupting the customer journey.


You can even use your smart phone as an ID scanner. To scan ID's is quick and simple, just take a photo of your customer's documentation using our handy mobile app, and you'll get results in seconds.

Facial recognition

Add an extra layer of authentication to your onboarding process with facial recognition. Our ID scanner compares facial features between a printed face and a live facial image, so you can be confident that the person presenting the ID is in fact the real owner.


Our ID scanner is ISO27001 accredited, which means we're qualified for the highest standard of information technology security procedures. So you can rest assured your customers' data is safe with us.

Help desk

We'll be there to support you 24/7 with our help desk.

Power batch

Our Power Batch functionality plunges into large repositories of data and mines critical information from any image, and is available as a cloud based service or as an onsite managed facility, using powerful IDscan owned servers, processors, network and storage together with IDscan engineers.

Why you should use an ID scanner

Make faster decisions

With our ID scanner technology giving you unbiased results in under 10 seconds, you can make informed decisions quickly.

Increase efficiency

Our mobile app brings automation, speed and efficiency to your business processes. Automated ID scanning replaces the time-consuming process of manual checks, and is more accurate.

Prevent fraud

Know when an individual is using fake, forged or altered documents, and prevent your organisation from falling victim to fraud. Protect your bottom line.

Comply with regulations

External compliance rules can be complicated and difficult to manage. Know Your Customer regulations mean that organisations are under pressure to reliably identify their customer and store proof for audit trail purposes. Our ID scanner will help your organisation comply with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations, as you'll be able to demonstrate your customer is exactly who they say they are.

Protect your reputation

You don't want to be doing business with the wrong people, as it can damage your brand and reputation.

Protect your customers

The needs of our customers are at the centre of our universe, and our lives revolve around satisfying them. Our ID scanner solution helps create safer nights out, and helps businesses engage with their customers.

IDscan Success stories

The challenge was to integrate IDscan OCR technology into an already established FX transaction platform. In partnership with Amex, IDscan developed a solution which enhanced Amex’ operating efficiency and enabled the company to exceed their legal and regulatory requirements. The solution dramatically reduced costs through the automation of manual scanning and manual data entry as well as enhancing data protection.

IDscan’s solution proved highly versatile in adapting to the unique requirements placed on its software by various geographic locations it was deployed in. Amex had a strong business case for reducing queuing time so that Amex exchange desks in crowded environment (such as an airport) would be chosen by passing-by customers. Scanning documents on the counter significantly cut the time required to photocopy IDs, and more importantly, it automatically completed all the required forms with the customer’s personal data.

To date, Amex has fitted over 800 foreign exchange outlets with IDscan’s products.

American Express

In 2013 Metro Bank turned to IDscan to improve its existing document authentication processes and to add an additional layer of KYC and AML checks.

After a trial in three banks in the first few months of 2013, it was quickly decided that IDscan’s systems should replace existing processes and be rolled out across the entire estate. In 2015 Metro Bank announced that it will open a further 150 branches and IDscan will be integrated into this roll out plan.

Metro Bank

We provided an initial scheme of scanners in 100 stores on a 21 day national rollout. Impressed by the reduction in fraudulent applications, as well as ease of set up and use, EE have expanded our solution to cover a further 400+ stores.


During September and October 2013, IDscan worked together with Optus to build a completely automated ID authentication system and installed 400 identity systems into each Optus branch in Australia, creating a networked infrastructure which allowed scanning to be fully integrated into the Optus sales process. Whilst scanning takes place locally in store, the data extraction and authentication is handled centrally, before delivering the results onto the agents screen in less than a couple of seconds.

This automation of process has saved time, increased accuracy, minimised fraud and improved overall security delivering a swift ROI.

Optus, Australia

Reed wanted to offer their clients the ultimate layer of protection when ensuring their candidates had the legitimate right to work in the UK.

Within the first 2 hours of a 1 month trial, IDscan’s HRscan system automatically highlighted issues in 60% of documents presented. Just 1 week into the trial, Reed was already sufficiently convinced to stop the trial and place their first order.

Reed, UK

Southwark Council have rolled IDscan’s Document Expert System across its borough to assist in identifying and tackling housing tenancy fraud. With housing benefit fraud in the UK estimated to cost the tax payer more than £200 million each year, Southwark have embraced the latest IDscan system to combat identity fraud and to protect the public purse.

Southwark Council

GBG's ID scanner product

GBG IDscan

IDscan makes document authentication simple. It takes a snapshot of your customers' ID documents and authenticates within seconds.


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