GBG Rapid Beta Launch

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What is GBG Rapid?

Our new, web-based no code identity document verification solution,
that enables you to provide better experience for your clients and save time and money.

Fully automated

Receiving ID documents over email and manually checking and verifying them will be a thing of the past with our fully automated, digital solution.

Simple to use

In just a few clicks your clients will be able to submit their documents for verification using a simple URL.

Real time alerts

Receive alerts when a client has submitted their documents and completed the onboarding journey. 

Stay compliant

With the ability to download the identity records, remain fully compliant with an audit trail.

Why join the beta programme?

  • Improve UX

    Deliver a seamless, secure and speedy experience for your clients

  • Cut costs

    Reduce your costs and allow your team to focus on what they do best

  • Reduce risk

    Reduce your AML compliance & fraud risk with our automated, always-on solution

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