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of all business contact data is estimated to be inaccurate


of businesses say that inaccurate data has a direct impact on their bottom line


average revenue lost from inaccurate data

Do you face any of these issues?

Incorrect data

Weird spacing, misspellings and typos at the point of data entry will cause you problems later down the line. Whether accidental or intentional, you need to confirm what information is valid, and what isn't.

Cart abandonment

Your checkout process is time-consuming and you're finding that customers aren't completing the process. How can you make it easier?

Missed deliveries

Delivering to the wrong address because you received inaccurate data from your customer is bad for both parties. Your costs increase and you risk damaging your customer relationship.

Don't be one of the 94% of businesses who say address errors impact their performance and customer loyalty.

The cost of data accuracy


per record when verifying data accuracy at the point of entry


per record to correct or clean up data in batch form


per record if you don't do anything – including the costs associated with low customer retention and inefficiencies

Make the right decision.

We'd all like 100% of our customers to go all the way in the registration process. That's why creating a seamless onboarding experience is vital to the success of your organization. Using fuzzy address matching can help you achieve this.

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Get the right address even if entered with incorrect data
Reduce cart abdonment and drops offs
Deliver goods to the right address, every time
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What is fuzzy address matching?

When an address is entered and an exact match cannot be found, fuzzy matching automatically finds the correct address, almost anywhere in the world.

Fuzzy address matching can revolutionize your online customer experience. Have the confidence that your customers have entered a correct and valid address at the point of data capture, even if they don't know how to spell the address, or if it is incomplete. Boost your conversion rate by reducing drop off and cart abandonment.

Address fuzzy matching lets you know that you've got the right address. You'll know exactly where your goods are being delivered, so you can deliver the first time, every time. You'll have a happier customer and more money in your pocket.

Address matching can be easily incorporated into your database, CRM or ERP systems, and can drastically reduce the time taken to onboard a customer. In turn, this will mean there are shorter queues at your tills and service desks, and higher customer satisfaction. You won't have to worry about cleansing your data in the future either, as you'll have received the right address the first time.

What can fuzzy address matching do?

Bad spacing

If your customer is unsure of the correct spacing within an address, or if they add in a space that shouldn't be there - address matching can still find an accurate address.

Omitted or extra characters

We've all done it. Users miss letters out and add unnecessary letters in error all the time when typing quickly, but that's not a problem for fuzzy address matching.


Some address aren't spelt as they sound, a delivery could to go to the wrong address if the user doesn't know how to spell the address. Address matching can identify this and provide the correct address with the correct spelling. Great for when orders and enquiries are taken over the phone.


People can be lazy and use address abbreviations such as 'Rd'. Address fuzzy matching ensures the full spelling is entered and used.

Transposed characters

Is it 'e before i' or 'i before e'? Fuzzy address matching still provides accurate address results even if the user switches adjacent letters in error.


Fuzzy address matching teaches itself. it learns to predict what users might be looking for based on search history.

Global capability

Using fuzzy address matching, you won't have to select the country you're in, as it will automatically recognise the address as you start to type in and show country relevant results.

Why you should use fuzzy address matching

Boost conversions

Make life easy for your customers. If they're ordering a gift to send direct to a friend or family member and they don't know the full address, address fuzzy matching means they don't have to.

Improve the data you collect

It's hard to always hear clearly over the phone. That's why address matching is ideal for use in busy offices and call centres, where information can often be misheard and entered incorrectly.

Get more mobile conversions

Typing accurately on a mobile can be a nightmare with reduced screen size and 'fat finger syndrome'. This can lead to incorrect data and drop offs. Make your mobile customer onboarding simple with fuzzy address matching and your customers can select the right address even if they've spelt it wrong.

Global infrastructure

Our address fuzzy matching software is truly global, with international load-bearing and improved failover so you can deliver a faster service to your end-users, anywhere in the world.

Reduce your costs

Capturing the correct address at the point of data capture means you'll be able to deliver to the right address, every time. So no more re-delivery costs.

Build your reputation

Getting the right address first time avoid customer complaints and damage to your reputation. We all know a happy customer spreads the word, so keep it that way with address fuzzy matching.

GBG products to help you with fuzzy address matching

Loqate, a GBG solution

Our unique 'fuzzy matching' capability makes everything clear. Misspellings are corrected, abbreviations completed and missing information filled in.

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The benefits for us extend beyond usability for our customers as it is a simple process for us to implement and ensures the accuracy of the address data that we capture.

Virgin Holidays

We have been working with GBG since the launch of Nectar Italia and using Loqate, we can be very confident in the quality of our address data.

Nectar Italia

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