Disrupt the market by offering customers a trustworthy, compliant service with a cutting-edge user experience, no matter where they are.

  • Distinct

    Set yourself apart from traditional financial services with the most dynamic, frictionless CX.

  • Globally compliant

    Expand into new and emerging markets fast and with peace of mind you’re meeting your new regulatory requirements.

  • Trustworthy

    Prove you’re as trustworthy as traditional financial services providers by demonstrating your processes are safe and secure.


Onboard your customers with minimal friction and meet AML and KYC requirements across multiple regions.

Tailored processes

Design your onboarding journey for the regions you’re growing into and choose rules to ensure you’re protected against the risks your business is most vulnerable to.

Frictionless and safe

Present your customers with a simple, easy process which keeps them confident their data is secure.

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Protect yourself against fraud and maximise efficiency with an automated, cutting-edge document validation process that’s simple for customers.

Instant, mobile results

Validate identity and address documents in just 5 seconds, enabling new customers to create an account on mobile devices immediately.

Global knowledge

Authenticate documents from all over the world using machine, our extensive documents library and forensics experts.

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Safeguard your business against application fraud without impacting the customer experience. GBG Instinct leverages rich reference data against application behaviour to flag potential fraudsters.

Fully customisable

Set your own rules to target risk areas and optimise efficiency. GBG Instinct will flag potentially fraudulent activity and allow you to better allocate resources.

Always evolving

Respond to new and emerging threats as they happen with GBG Instinct’s always-evolving technology.

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Fight transaction fraud with constant, intelligent monitoring based on your business need - checking every transaction across every channel.

Compliance support

We will support you in maintaining compliance as your business grows globally, meeting all the necessary requirements for AML and counter terrorism funding.

Customer knowledge

Understand and cater to every customer’s requirements and behaviour patterns to provide the perfect customer experience.

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Over 20,000 customers globally

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