Discover how AI can optimise your event-driven marketing (EDM)

Find out how data, technology and expertise can help you achieve your EDM objectives

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Data. Technology. Expertise.

Given that 85% of all digital transformation projects fail, it’s critical that you have the right components in place to give yourself the best chance of success. Watch our webinar with IBM’s Jeremy Waite and discover the role of technology in helping you make sense of all the disparate data sources within your business.

The power of event-driven marketing (EDM)

Increase revenue and retention

We helped a major UK telco develop a communication programme covering its entire customer lifecycle – from acquisition to retention. Over the course of the programme’s life, they saw an increase in revenue by 13% and an increase in customer retention by 9%.

Connect with new customers

Connect with more customers than you ever have before. Did you know the probability of trying new brands increases by at least 75% after a life event?

Home movers data


90% of people switch mortgage provider after a home move. 65% switch to a new supplier. Our home mover data covers 90% of UK purchase and rental transactions.

What you'll learn from our EDM webinar

How to use data and automation

Using data, you can identify the right customers at the right time. You'll be able to automate your communications to increase your response rates.

How to overcome barriers to EDM

We’ve identified challenges you may face when implementing an EDM strategy, and outlined solutions to overcome these challenges.

Personalisation v personification

Find out how personification can help you deliver valuable customer communications in the absence of personally identifiable information.

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Discover how AI can optimise your event driven marketing

IBM Watson's Jeremy Waite and GBG's Digital Marketing Specialist Karen Bailey discuss how technology and artificial intelligence can help you make sense of all the disparate data sources in your business. During this webinar, you'll gain practical advice on how you can implement EDM strategies within your organisation today.

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