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Can you say that you know who every single person is that enters and exits your site? Ensure your visitor identification process is robust enough that you do.

Security ID Scanner by GBG Scannet

Improve site security by scanning and authenticating ID on entry

Automated checks remove the need for manual document processing and form filling, making entry time even quicker. Eliminate keystroke errors and increase your data accuracy.

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Quicker and safer visitor management

Reduce queues and entry times by simply scanning your visitor’s ID document and finding out in an average of 4.9 seconds if they’re attempting to use counterfeit or forged ID.

Increased efficiency through automation

Eliminate problems associated with manual paper-based checks such as keystroke errors; and for even quicker entry for return visitors, simply scan their fingerprint and link it to their ID.

Become part of a security network

A connected community is a safer one. Share visitor data with other venues and prisons to ensure that you only allow entry to suitable individuals.

Fingerprint registration

Track visitors entering and leaving your venue using their fingerprint. This unobtrusive method is not subject to changes in light, position, pose and occlusion.

Security ID Scanner by GBG
Security ID Scanner by Scannet

Facial Recognition

Ensure your visitor is the same person as the one shown on the presented ID document. Facial comparison is also made between the biometric chip and passport photo.

Statistics and Diagnostic tools

We capture data securely and compliantly, adhering to standards set for Her Majesty’s Government, so you can better analyse visiting trends and behaviours. We automatically handle any behind the scenes software issues to ensure maximum efficiency.

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Helping the public sector work towards a safer society

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