UK Mobile Identity Checks

Verify and authenticate the person behind the mobile number.

GBG UK Mobile Identity Checks

Powerful and reliable data

Increasing match rates to deliver a standout customer experience is key to gaining a competitive advantage. Confirming name, address and DOB to the mobile device is essential in building confidence in an identity and establishing trust with your customers.

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Enhance your KYC checks

Verify mobile data across the top 4 UK operators plus virtual network operators, matching name, address and DOB.

Confirm genuine presence

Reliably match your customer data to their mobile device and get extra confidence that you are dealing with a legitimate identity.

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Trust your customer from onboarding

Ensure any authentication steps, such as one-time passcodes, are being sent to the mobile owner, not to a fraudster.

Reliable validation and fraud prevention

A mobile number is personal to an individual and often stays with a person longer than their address. Knowing that a person is the owner of that number is a robust way of validating an identity and preventing synthetic identity fraud.

In addition, mobiles also provide a reliable data source to match Millennials as they turn 18 - ensuring they can access goods and services digitally.

GBG Reliable Validation And Fraud Prevention

Frequently asked questions

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We cover 38 different countries and 5 regions with the greatest breadth and depth of in-country identity verification data. You can see our full coverage here.

Our mobile operator check confirms that the name, phone number, date of birth and address provided match the customer. This is only available in the UK.

All of our identity verification checks are available through a web-based solution or an integrated API.

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