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Do you know the true cost of sending to bad email addresses?

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of organizations report problems delivering email


of businesses who had problems delivering mail say they experienced reputational damage


of contact data is inaccurate in the average organization


Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter


The average ROI on email marketing

Do you face any of these issues?

Incorrect data

Accidental or intentional, your customers may give you inaccurate email address information, whether it be typos, misspellings or false information - but how would you know?

Low deliverability rates

Your email communications aren't performing well. They're not reaching their intended destination and you're getting high bounce rates and non deliverables

Unhappy customers

Your customers haven't received the information they needed and they're not happy. But you could have avoided it...

Make the right decision.

Email communication is one of the most effective ways to keep in contact with your customers. But do you know if your customers' email addresses are valid? The quality of your customer data is vital to deliver a great customer experience. Increase your email delivery rates and reach more customers when you check email address validity.

Email is the greatest thing - Wally Amos.

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Check if email addresses entered are correct and valid
Increase email deliverability
Achieve good sender reputation
Improve customer satisfaction

What is email address validation?

When a customer or prospect enters their email address during your onboarding process, they can often make mistakes - genuine or intentional. But how would you know? You need to validate an email address at the point of entry, so you can communicate effectively.

Email validation corrects inaccuracies in email addresses and ensures consistent formatting, in real-time. As well as checking the syntax of an email address, the @ sign we're all so familiar with nowadays, email address validation also confirms that the email domain exists (the part after the @ sign). You'll be able to know whether that specific mailbox actually exists, and whether it can receive incoming mail in under 3 seconds, so you know you can communicate with an individual successfully. 

Checking email address validity isn't just useful at the point of data capture. How do you know if the email address you've captured previously are valid? With 30% of email addresses going bad in just one year, you need to regularly cleanse your database to remove any bogus and incorrect email addresses.

Email address validation works for both corporate and personal email addresses, including free email providers such as Googlemail and Hotmail. So whether you're a B2B or B2C organisation, we've got you covered.

What can email validation do?

Identify spelling mistakes and typos

Email address validation corrects mispellings and typos, to provide the true email address where your customer can be reached.

Snytax checks

You might take it for granted that customers will use the @ sign when entering their email, but they might not. Email address validation checks this all-important symbol is present and correct.

Domain checks

Have peace of mind that the domain a customer has entered is correct, no matter how weird and wacky it might be.

Deliverability checks

An email address might have an @ sign, and a valid domain, but is the whole address real? Email validation detects whether the email mailbox really exists, and if it can receive incoming mail.

Validate free email accounts

Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo - all free email providers that are widely used across the world that email address validation can check.

Use in-house or online

You can use email validation the way that suits your business. Integrate into your website and internal systems to prevent typos by customers and employees, or use online.

Global capability

Validate email addresses globally, from a single interface.

Batch cleanse

Check the email address validity of your existing customer database with a batch cleanse. Extract just the valid email addresses from your customer lists. Perform regularly to keep your contact information up to date.

Why you should use email address validation

Improve your customer experience

Make your registration process easier and quicker, so more of your customers convert. Remove the need for users to re-enter their email address.

Eliminate false registrations

'Tyre kickers' - the ones who aren't interested in paying for your service and will play games with your system by using fake or disposable email address. Validate email addresses to identify genuine customers from the time wasters. Also much more user friendly than a CAPTCHA!

Increase email deliverability

Improve the results of your email marketing campaigns by reducing your bounce rate and ensuring that emails reach their intended destination.

Build your sender reputation

Check email address validity to reduce hard bounces and to prevent emails from being blocked by email providers. Don't get labelled a spammer.

Reach more customers

Don't lose out to missed opportunities. Contact the right person, using the right email address for effective communication. Send promotions and regular communications to generate leads and increase your ROI.

Enhance your customer service

Bad email addresses can have a significant affect on your customer service levels. Make sure your customers are receiving the information they need, such as confirmation of a purchase.

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