Eliminate out-of-date data

Keep your customers safe from identity fraud with our data cleansing checks. No IT set up. No integrations. No hassle.

Every year, more than 20% of your customer contact data goes out of date.

Think about the lifetime value of a customer. Can you afford to lose that revenue? Our unobtrusive data cleansing checks can help you identify inaccurate data and update contact information for customers who may have forgotten to update their details with you.

Reduce ghost fraud

Tackle ghost fraud by making use of the most up-to-date data cleansing checks.

Compliant communication

Failed communication wastes resources and can affect your relationship with customers’ whose circumstances may have changed. We will help you identify customers who have moved home, changed contact details or passed away, so you can continue to communicate with confidence, knowing your data is up to date and compliant. 

Better ROI and efficiency

Get the right message to the right customers. With data decay at around 20% annually, do you know the true cost to your business of out of date customer data?

  • Reduce identity fraud

    Maintain accurate customer data to proactively reduce the likelihood of identity fraud on their accounts.

  • Eliminate data decay

    Reduce the financial burden out-of-date data has on your business.

  • Stay compliant

    Keep your customer data accurate and up to date to meet regulations including GDPR and FCA guidance.

Secure data checks

We’re serious about data and that means we maintain the highest data security standards. Your customer data is safe in our hands.

Free data assessment

Claim a free data sample analysis to see how much decaying data could be costing your business.

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