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Verify the authenticity of over 4,000 document types

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A document authentication solution trusted by hundreds of businesses

Why choose GBG for document verification?

Cross channel capabilities

Customers can submit paperwork using their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Reduces errors & fraud

Matches documents to individuals and reduces the need for manual checks.

Results in seconds

Checks are performed instantly so your customers aren’t kept waiting.

Complex checks, one simple process

Our system is able to capture and validate over 4,000 identity documents so you can instantly confirm that your customer is providing a legitimate proof of identity.

We check the details against the widest and most current global identity libraries, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive match rates and best-possible fraud protection.

Our document verification solution also...

Offers coverage of documents from more than 200 countries

Verifies both the document provided and the identity of the person

Gives a near real-time response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Hear from our GBG IDscan customers

We replaced paper-based photocopying with an automated system that is easier to archive and audit, cheaper to maintain and provides better protection for personal data than photocopying.

American Express fraud manager

GBG IDscan: robust, secure & cost effective

IDscan is capable of reading, extracting and authenticating a multitude of documents, including passports, visas, ID cards, driving licences, utility bills and work permits.

It automatically validates these documents using advanced mathematical algorithms, colour wave technology and our proprietary library of images.

And our cost-effective licensing option makes sense too.

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