Frustrate fraudsters at your front door

Detection is the first line of defence against identity fraud

Identity fraud is a threat to all businesses

It can affect your customers, your revenue and your reputation - and it’s on the rise. With 59% of all Cifas-reported fraud cases in 2019 being identity fraud, it’s not something that is going away. 

Fraudsters are using synthetic identities, account takeover and bonus fraud to open accounts. In some cases, these accounts can sit undetected for years.

Verify identities and protect your business with GBG & Cifas. See all your results, in granular detail, in a single screen enabling you to make more informed decisions, faster.

What are the main types of identity fraud?

How to get ahead of the fraudsters

Identifying fraud at onboarding will save you time and money while enabling your business to grow.

  • Go beyond name, DOB and address

    By layering traditional data checks with digital and behavioural data you can build a better picture of an identity.

  • Detect genuine presence

    Trust that the identity being presented matches the identity opening the account with passive or active liveness checks as part of your onboarding process.

  • Understand previous fraud activity

    Discover whether an identity has been used in fraudulent activities with real-time feedback from the Cifas National Fraud Database.

  • A fraud problem shared

    By collaborating and sharing data related to fraud, consumers and businesses are protected as knowledge is shared.

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