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Reducing Fraud Risks in SME Lending & Microfinancing

Scaling SME Lending Amidst COVID-19

Small medium enterprises (SMEs) and microbusinesses make up over 90% of the private sector, yet, globally and in APAC, bankability and accessing to finance are their biggest challenges.

This pandemic has created the worst crunch for SMEs, and millions across the globe are looking for financial assistance. Government are respectively administering stimulus packages to aid SMEs by injecting billions of dollars.

How would Financial Institutions in APAC quickly and confidently manage the huge influx of loans and yet fend themselves from fraudsters and syndicated crime rings?

  • Digital lending landscape

    How lenders and borrowers are adjusting to digital and mobile mode of SME lending and microfinancing

  • COVID-19 fraud escalation

    Data and solutions to detecting and preventing SME lending fraud seen in the headlines today

  • Fraud management platform

    Managing digital verification, data analytics and asymmetric credit information to better identify and qualify SME loans during digital onboarding

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VPBank’s Deputy Head of SME Banking Division, PWC’s Consulting Partner and GBG’s APAC Head of Solution discuss how banks are managing SME lending today, SME regulatory changes, the role of data in fraud protection, managing manual vs digital loan processes, and mitigation of real world SME lending fraud cases.

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