GBG Instinct Orchestration

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Introducing GBG Instinct Orchestration

GBG Instinct Orchestration connects a wealth of intelligence from cyber, identity proofing, identity verification, geolocation, authentication and bespoke data sources to increase precision in financial crime detection of each individual. The ability to drill down, expand and co-relate risk identifiers in various profile parameters of an individual proactively increases fraud detection accuracy of bad actors, especially for online channels.

Mitigate complex financial crime attacks like money mules, elderly abuse and data breach

Identifies suspicious actors via cyber threat intelligence patterns and compromised lists

Increases fraud check accuracy by up to 30%

Runs enhanced identity, geolocation and threat checks to validate profile information provided

  • Agile threat responsiveness

    Activate enriched data sources instantly for enhanced detection when new threats surface

  • Customizable call outs

    Easily connect to GBG built-in data sources and systems or your own desired bespoke sources

  • Enable cyber readiness

    Reduce success rate of social engineering attacks and identity thefts by tapping into cyber threat intelligence

  • Cyber data defence

    Acquire intelligence on compromised accounts and devices to protect against complex financial crime attacks like synthetic IDs, social engineering and money mules. Ongoing session monitoring to ascertain consistency and integrity in behaviour of customers.

  • Identity verification & geolocation

    Email validation, device ID, physical location authentication, biometric checks, document verification and online behaviour patterning are some of the identity verification and geolocation data sources that can be activated to run detailed checks into an individual during account application.

  • Identity authentication

    Additional secure identity management to protect against exploitation and account takeovers – security process like 2FA can be looped in to confirm identities and information about individuals, creating an enhanced trusted environment

  • Bespoke sources

    Most financial institutions leveraged proprietary, fraud bureau and third party data sources and systems. The flexibility to connect your data to the Instinct platform for a single view analysis streamlines productivity and workflow.

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Financial crimes impact 49% of global organisations, with 31% as cybercrimes

Find out how Instinct Orchestration can grow your quality customers and keep out threat actors in today’s digital economy.

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