Loqate Geocode

Real-world location data to optimise delivery points, reduce risk and connect customers

Introducing Loqate Geocode

Benefit from precise address data to enhance your business operations and efficiency. Loqate Geocode adds value to any location aware application by associating latitude and longitude coordinates across 245 countries and territories.

  • Effective delivery

    Pinpoint sharp geocode data to optimize the best delivery locations

  • Improved risk assessment

    Maximise your data to reduce risk and add value

  • Improved customer experience

    Provide multiple and accurate collection points for customers

A simple API that provides the reliable data you need

Supported by data visualization and reverse geocode options, our software easily turns a postal code (zip code) into longitude and latitude coordinates to provide accurate data for all types of business need.

  • Real-world location data

    Loqate Geocode would augment your location address datasets with the most up to date geo-spacial information to optimise routes, calculate distances and location accuracy information.

  • Simple set-up

    Our technology has been designed to make integration as simple as possible so your business can start benefiting from the value this extra data layer provides swiftly and easily.

Find out more

Get in touch to learn how Loqate Geocode can help your organisation optimise delivery logistics, boost customer engagement and provide a real-world view for planning.

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