Loqate Email Validation

An easy to use cleansing tool that ensures your email communications reach your customers

Introducing Loqate Email Validation

Email activity remains an essential part of your business’ marketing efforts. Ensuring email address data is accurate helps guarantee your messages are received, your sending reputation is strong and engagement with your customers is successful.

  • Improved deliverability

    Real-time checks to ensure data remains clean and accurate

  • Enhanced reputation

    Reduced hard bounces means more successful campaigns

  • Reduce errors

    A great alternative to CAPTCHA when onboarding new customers

A simple tool to maximise the impact of your email activity

Suitable for both business and consumer email checks, our single, easy-to-integrate API offers an effective cleansing process to maintain data integrity and brand experience when selling to new or existing customers.

  • Four factor multiple checks

    Providing the very best in verification checks, 4 levels of data interrogation are simultaneously run. Checking not just for @ symbols, but domain validity, genuine mailboxes and ability for mailboxes to receive mail.

  • Real-time verification

    Helping to prevent incorrect or fake email registrations for new customers, checks operate in real-time to help maintain data accuracy. True 24/7 validation to ensure your business is only collecting real email addresses from genuine customers.

  • Improved marketing

    Clean data and improved deliverability means you are able to reach more customers and improve marketing performance as a whole. It’s that simple. Benefits also extend to reducing CRM costs by maintaining only quality customer records.

  • Versatile cleansing services

    Loqate Email Validation equally offers a batch cleansing service to help fully cleanse any database and remove invalid, bogus or redundant email addresses. The solution can also highlight customer record accuracy and report on those records that may have been mistyped at point of collection.

Find out more

Get in touch to learn more about how Loqate Email Validation can help your business increase email deliverability, improve email reputation and reduce errors.

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