Loqate Data Cleansing

Data cleansing you can trust to support business performance and successful customer relationships

Introducing Loqate Data Cleansing

The importance of accurate data requires no selling. Trust in the quality of a business’ data is essential to succeed in an ever more competitive marketplace. Our software and services provide that peace of mind; cleansing data to improve quality, clean multiple files and even offer insights for future targeting.

  • Improved efficiencies

    Remove the need for manual corrections so focus can be spent on other priorities and budgets better utilised.

  • Better marketing

    Correct customer information ensures messages are received successfully and positive brand reputation maintained.

  • Valuable Insights

    Our tool provides useful intelligence for better decision-making, helping improved data segmentation and avoiding costly errors.

  • A global solution

    Our unique knowledge repository combines datasets for over 245 countries and regions, offering scalability and a robust cleansing solution.

  • Fast and reliable

    Capable of processing millions of records per hour, our verification service reduces errors with the ability to validate partial and full address inputs.

  • Data standardisation

    Ensure all records are consistent in formatting and match preferred standards internationally to prevent future errors, adhere to best practice and support business performance.

  • Screening and preferences

    Removing deceased contacts, suppressing preference opt-outs or updating home mover records, data quality and compliance is fully supported.

Find out more

Get in touch to learn more about how Loqate Data Cleansing can help your business clean and standardise data, and save money and time too.

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