Loqate Address Verification

Real-time address lookup and verification for your online forms and checkout pages

Introducing Loqate Address Verification

Does your business want to improve customer experience to drive higher conversions? Loqate Address Verification uses best-in-class data that offers a fast and easy solution, that is both scalable and compatible across all internet enabled devices. A global tool that delivers a better experience for customers and reduced costs for your business.

  • Cost savings

    Eliminate bad address data to make every delivery a success

  • Improved data quality

    Automatic data correction using a global portfolio of databases

  • Improved customer experience

    From single tap address search to auto-complete experiences across all internet devices

Improved business for you and a better experience for your customers

Supported by a range of product features, best in class data quality and award winning support teams, our tool ensures your online checkouts and forms are the best they possibly can be.

  • Automatic location detection

    Our tool offers a clever feature to geo-locate a customer’s location in a single tap, improving their experience with your business and allowing the creation of a single checkout form for everyone globally.

  • Leading data sources

    Updated automatically, our technology uses data sourced from official suppliers including Australia Post, USPS, Royal Mail and Canada Post, to name only a few of the major sources we use to ensure data quality and accuracy.

  • Easy set-up

    With a growing selection of pre-built integrations, multiple API access options including SOAP and GET requests and a team of experts to help where needed, set-up and address verification can be up and running in minutes.

  • Simple pricing and free trial

    Loqate Address Verification offers a variety of payment models to suit all types of business needs, from simple pay-as-you-go plans to enterprise solutions. Request a free trial to explore what’s best for you.

Find out more

Get in touch to learn more about how Loqate Address Verification can help your organisation improve data quality, increase operational efficiencies and improve user experience.

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