Harmony RightAddress

Real-time verification for Australian and New Zealand addresses

Introducing Harmony RightAddress

We understand the importance of good quality customer address data and its criticality to providing competitive advantage through exceptional customer service. So we’ve designed an address validation solution that delivers a richness in functionality to make your life easier and your customer’s experience better.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and engagement with effective onboarding

  • Reduce wastage and expenses caused by incorrect address data

  • Standardise address data to improve database quality

  • Real-time address validation

    As customers type, Harmony RightAddress standardises terms and corrects spelling mistakes. It offers synonyms and alternate street suggestions, as well as allowing for borders. The customer can start anywhere – with their street name or number, suburb or postcode.

  • Easy integration, low cost

    Harmony RightAddress’s cloud-based service makes it easy to integrate with your existing infrastructure using Javascript. Costs are charged on a per-transaction basis, so you only pay for what you use.

  • Data enrichment

    Harmony RightAddress provides additional data that gives you more information about your customers. You can make informed decisions about where they live, their socio-demographic profile and buying experience.

  • Geocoding

    Linking other data to an address record lets your business unlock new potential. For example, addresses can be given an accurate geocode to locate them precisely on the ground, which can optimise logistics and minimise risks.

  • Email and phone validation

    Maximise your ROI on email marketing and telemarketing campaigns. Improve customer call centre productivity by checking data in real time against a variety of records to eliminate input errors.

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