Real-time customer onboarding and identity verification

Introducing greenID

Your organisation needs certainty when verifying the identity of customers. greenID’s electronic verification platform lets you verify the identities of your Australian and New Zealand customers in real-time. It uses reliable and trustworthy government and independent data sources. Using greenID, your customers enjoy an easier onboarding experience and can begin transacting with you immediately.

  • Meet complex legislative requirements

  • Reduce the risk of identity fraud

  • Streamline onboarding to enhance customer acquisition

Choose the right approach for your customers

Depending on your customers and the data needed for verification, greenID offers a range of options. From online identity verification only through to face-to-face, we work with you to ensure the ruleset best suits your requirements. Your options include:

  • Real-time verification

    greenID offers secure and privacy-compliant identity verification in real-time. It can access a wide range of trusted data sources. You can customise verification rules to maximise match rates while maintaining compliance.

  • Global document authentication

    Accurate, automated document authentication helps reduce fraud. greenID extracts identity data from scanned documents, while its global document library helps ensure these scanned documents are genuine.

  • KYC compliance and fraud detection

    greenID offers a compliant and trusted platform for Know Your Customer (KYC) data collection and verification. You can configure it to meet your required level of assurance and it provides integrated fraud detection tools to manage risk.

  • Customer enrolment and onboarding tools

    There are several ways to access greenID, including comprehensive APIs for integrating greenID into your own website. It also offers a stand-alone, web-based portal for self-service, as well as Point of Sale and customer care options.

  • ISO 27001:2013 Australian certification

    greenID's information security management system has been certified to ISO 27001 in Australia.

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