End to End Digital Identity Verification Platform

For swift and reliable customer onboarding

Introducing greenID

End to end digital identity verification platform

greenID is an established market-leading digital identity verification solution trusted by organisations including government and large enterprises with millions of verifications each year. The complete solution enables organisations to verify and onboard new customers reliably and efficiently, with the options of document and biometric verification, via web or mobile channels.

  • Identity Verification

    Verify name, address & DoB data against government-issued document library and data sources

  • Facial Verification

    Matches device-captured selfie image against photo on document

  • Passive Liveness Detection

    Liveness check using single frame image to reduce fraud and enrolment time

Proven High Accuracy Performance

Certified to ISO 27001 in Australia by SAI. Global Top-tier international certification for Information Security

First passive liveness detection technology to be iBeta level 1 and 2 ISO 30107-3 compliant

Achieved perfect score in detecting all spoofs and identifying all real users (bona fide) correctly in ISO/IEC 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) test

Facebook Deepfake Detection Challenge gold medal winner

  • Full onboarding automation

    Automate document and facial verification in your onboarding process with a single interface where the integration between document, facial verification and identity verification is a complete suite.

  • Onboard and transact with more legitimate customers

    Verify diverse cohorts and higher volume of consumers with higher level of accuracy by matching against a number of unique and independent data sources.

  • Secure higher pass rates with quality customers

    Automated biometric and document data capture, and address lookup and autocomplete ensures that information is automatically populated into form fields to reduce error in human input.

  • Frictionless customer onboarding

    Automated data extraction also means that the speed of onboarding is faster. Document and facial verification literally takes seconds to complete using our advanced passive liveness single image detection and Smart Capture, GBG’s auto-form-filling OCR technology.

  • Fraud and identity crime prevention

    Our biometric technology can effectively detect tampering, doctoring, deepfakes. Detect evolving fraud threats with award-winning digital tamper detection technology, authentication tolerance settings and online forensic document examiner service.

  • Full AML regulatory compliance meeting different levels of risk appetite

    Provides extensive data sources to meet compliance yet customized to different risk appetite of various organization, needs by industry-specific regulatory requirements, customised hotlist and use cases. Our watchlists spans local and global coverage.

  • Comprehensive data library

    25+ trusted Australia and New Zealand data sources and X global data sources combined with global sanction and PEP list screening options to enable effective AML (Anti-Money Laundering) / CTF (Counter-Terrorism Funding) compliance and business risk mitigation.

  • High performing, reliable and secure

    iBeta 1 and Level 2 ISO 30107-3 compliant performance with perfect Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) test score, proven reliability with 99.99% high availability track record, high standard of information security management with ISO 27001 certification.

  • Omnichannel integration

    Seamless end to end digital identity verification is available across all channels – web, mobile web, app. Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) support for iOS or Android applications and API for integrations to website and applications.

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