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Introducing greenID Mobile

Mobile devices offer criminals a new channel for fraud and money laundering. greenID Mobile lets you perform secure, high-quality identity verification. greenID includes biometric (facial) verification, OCR document scanning and document authentication. These ensure compliance and improve customer experience during onboarding – what once took hours can now be done in minutes.

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft with facial recognition software

  • Improve customer experience with frictionless onboarding, and reduce costs and errors with OCR data extraction

  • Aid with compliance to AML & KYC requirements

Choose the components to suit you

With greenID Mobile, you can have the flexibility to choose when and where you use components of the mobile onboarding platform.

  • Real-time verification of identity data

    Secure, privacy-compliant real-time identity verification. Accesses a wide range of trusted data sources, with configurable verification rules to maximise match rates while maintaining compliance.

  • Frictionless onboarding

    OCR document scanning and data extraction enable frictionless form pre-fill for quicker onboarding. Automated and semi-automated reviews let you manage risk and completion rates.

  • Fraud detection

    greenID Mobile detects fraud while acting as a fraud deterrent. A global document library assures documents are genuine.

  • Biometric identity verification

    Facial recognition verifies photo credentials against a live facial image. Liveness detection differentiates between a live face and a photo or video display.

  • Device compatibility

    Available for iOS and Android. Customisable to ensure the user experience aligns with your brand.

  • ISO 27001:2013 Australian certification

    greenID's information security management system has been certified to ISO 27001 in Australia.

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