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Overcoming the Identity Challenge

A modern approach to identity proofing

Today, 66% of executives in financial institutions identify first party fraud, data breaches and social engineering as three of their top pain points that lead to application fraud. However, the challenge goes beyond fraud prevention, as these executives need to take into consideration customer experience, operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Executives understand a modern approach is needed to combat the ever-changing tpes of application fraud typologies.

What are the practical solutions that can be harnessed to detect and prevent fraud occurring during digital onboarding?

  • Fraud patterns

    A closer look into the most common identity fraud crimes such as social engineering, first party fraud and data breaches

  • Fraud prevention

    Rise in the use of machine learning and behavioural biometrics to heighten fraud prevention

  • Managing faceless channels

    Tools and data to validate and admit quality customers

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Proving individuals are who they claim to be is harder today than ever before. Hear global analyst Aite Group share insights into trends and technology that can be effective in application fraud prevention

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