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Innovating to serve financial exclusion in APAC and the unbanked population in Indonesia

Converging the power of credit scoring and digital fraud management technology

Financial exclusion is prevalent in every country, with the world's unbanked population at 1.7 billion people. Data for “new to bank” and “new to credit” population continues to be fragmented and unreliable, contributing to high nonperforming loans, low approval rates and a high level of fraud. By converging the power of credit scoring and digital fraud management technology, financial institutions today can access the unbanked population, verify applicants and manage credit and fraud risks.

  • Thin file customer access

    Leverage on consumers’ digital footprint, behavioral insights, machine learning, and cyber fraud intelligence to increase credit and fraud risk protection by up to 40%

  • Enriched customer experience

    Learn how to implement a single digital fraud risk platform for frictionless customer onboarding and to reduce costs of multiple call outs

  • Quality unbanked customers

    Lower false positives on delinquent behavior, thus improving the quality of contacts gained

This webinar provides a deep dive into Indonesia specifically, being the top 3 country in unbanked population.

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Discover how Converging the Power of Credit Scoring and Digital Fraud Management Technology can provide access to “new to bank” and “new to credit” customers.

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