Digital transformation in financial services is changing cyber threats and financial crime dynamics.

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~$171 billion

estimated cybercrime in Asia Pacific

Close to 1%

of global GDP is lost to cybercrime each year

$1.05 billion

reported financial fraud in 2018 (UK Finance)

The rise and evolution of Financial Crime 4.0

Rapid advances in technology have changed the way organisations and people interact. With customer centricity at the cornerstone of every business decision there is an imperative to be more accessible, more responsive and more personalised – but at what cost?

The rise of losses from fraud, data breaches and reports of incidents of non-compliance are indicative of Financial Crime 4.0 patterns and there is a need to update financial crime prevention measures.

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Understand the new world vulnerabilities

Individuals and businesses in data funded societies are more susceptible to attack

Identity theft and social engineering make it difficult differentiate between legitimate and criminal activity

The digitisation boom has created more channels for fraudsters to exploit

The hyper connected world means illicit funds to move rapidly

Siloed business teams and data processing impedes strategic and tactical decisions

Legacy technology systems cannot keep pace with Financial Crime 4.0

GBG is a global specialist in fraud, location and identity data intelligence with offices in 16 locations worldwide. For over 30 years, GBG has been accessing and verifying identities, to the standards set by financial regulators, of more than 4.4 billion people worldwide, or 57% of the world’s population. GBG has a network of over 200 global partnerships working to provide data with accuracy and integrity.

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