Enabling Digital Onboarding Through Biometrics

The recent growth in digital onboarding appears to be influencing how consumers and online businesses view biometrics and the overall level of trust they place in facial biometrics and document verification technology. 

Research commissioned by GBG shows that Australian consumers and fintechs are more receptive than ever before to adopting biometric verification.

Our infographic uncovers the key drivers for shifting preferences to biometric verification. 

Digital Onboarding


Australians show a strong preference for using facial biometrics for verification of


Fintechs are adopting biometrics to meet customer needs and demand


Fintechs see scalability to support digital growth as key driver for deploying biometric verification and document validation

Biometrics for Onboarding

greenID is a full-service digital identity verification platform that seamlessly integrates into your onboarding process to ensure you convert the right customers every time.

  • Real time KYC verification
  • Biometric and document verification at your fingertips
  • Unique, independent data to drive higher pass rates
  • Smart image capture for facial verification success
  • Global AML/CTF/PEPs and sanction screening
  • Passive liveness detection to improve accuracy without friction

For more insights, read our White Paper on Biometrics and Digital ID Verification

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