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Recalibrating identity verification and fraud operations to provide essential retail banking and finance services safely amidst COVID-19

Thinking Ahead of COVID-19

As countries gradually ease into recovery, how would Financial Institutions (FIs) think ahead to balance between the new norm and pre-COVID times? What fraud typologies to prepare for in peak and recovery periods of the pandemic? Global analyst Aite Group shares learnings on how firms ready themselves today and post COVID-19 in their interview with 13 fraud and AML executives across banks, payments, fintech and issuing processors.

  • COVID-19 fraud trends

    Fraud trends and fraud impact experienced during COVID-19 and pre-empting new fraud techniques it recovers

  • Best practises

    Learnings from FIs in different regions in creating quick stop gap fraud and identity verification measures at scale

  • Remote fraud management

    Recommendations and tips to transform and recalibrate AML, fraud and identity verification operations progressively

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Insights into trends and practical, strategic fraud and identity proofing recalibration to safely provide essential banking and finance services to retail customers in APAC today and ahead.

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