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Understanding financial crime 4.0

Industry 4.0 is unfolding, providing the way to a hyper interconnected world of social media, digitisation and internet of things. The rapid digitisation has opened new access points and vulnerabilities harnessed by sophisticated, malicious actors with speed and scale, which are evolving to complex and digital-enabled Financial Crimes 4.0.

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A new breed of financial crime

Financial frauds are on the rise globally and becoming all-encompassing with a spectrum of profitable illicit trades, ranging from bribery, internal frauds, identity thefts, money laundering to cybercrimes, all flowing through the financial systems. Social engineering frauds are also adding a new dimension through fraudulent misuse personal trust, including business email scams, account takeovers, money mules, investment scams, romance scams and taking advantage of the elderly.

Protect your business from evolved forms of financial crime.

A new approach to combat financial crime 4.0
To address these challenges GBG is partnering with The Asian Banker, a leading provider of strategic intelligence to the financial services industry, for a thought leadership RadioFinance webinar discussion on 11 February 2020, from 3:00 PM to 3:50 PM SGT.

In this discussion we will focus on

  • Growing Financial Crime 4.0 and its impact
  • Complexities of digital-enabled financial and social engineering crimes
  • Protection across the value chain against Financial Crime 4.0
  • Use cases in fraud and compliance protection
  • Real world implementation and orchestration of machine learning, cyber intelligence and emerging technologies for optimum risk protection
Our panel of industry experts
Michelle Weatherhead, Operations Director, APAC, GBG

Mrs. Weatherhead has over 18 years global industry expertise specialising in the domains of AML compliance, Fraud, Financial Crime and Cyber security solutions. She is driven to facilitate the development of safe global communities with technology. In her current role as GBG’s Operations Director, APAC she spearheads customer success through a variety of initiatives spanning new solutions development, partner alliance development and professional services engagement. She has first-hand experience working with clients from around the world; assisting them in their quest to protect customers and employees, defend against cyber fraud attack and comply with AML/CTF obligations. Based in Melbourne Australia, she is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science from the Victoria University of Wellington.

Stephen Su, Head of Solutions, APAC, GBG

For over fifteen years Mr. Su has worked with financial institutions across Australia and South East Asia to address complex challenges; from providing solutions for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (regulatory compliance) to detecting complex patters of organised fraud. As GBG’s Head of Solutions, APAC he leads a customer facing team to provide innovative solutions that deliver real results for a variety of business requirements. 

Neeti Aggarwal, CFA, Senior Manager, Research, The Asian Banker

Neeti will moderate the discussion on The Asian Banker RadioFinance webinar. This event aims to enhance the understanding of the finance industry in Asia Pacific by bringing together interested players to examine current and critical issues through a discussion facilitated by visual and web-based platforms. Through the use of interactive technology, participants do not have to take time off from their busy schedules or leave the comfort of their own desks.

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