Digital fraud prevention with device fingerprinting, phone and email insights

The increase in mobile and digital adoption over the years has introduced many new business opportunities for financial institutions. However, with new opportunities come new fraud tactics from organised fraudsters. Synthetic account creations, account takeovers – just to name a few. How can banks/FIs balance the user experience of new applicants while ensuring they protect themselves from bad actors?

“SEON's data enrichment and device fingerprinting complement GBG’s enterprise fraud platform to help customers confidently combat synthetic identity fraud. This partnership expands our breadth of offerings, bringing to our customers a fully integrated and comprehensive fraud detection solution that verifies against 30+ social platforms - something fraudsters can't go back in time and create.”

Shekhar Bhagat, APAC Head of Alliances at GBG

“SEON checks a comprehensive range of digital footprints in real-time, adding another dimension and additional data signals to complement GBG. Together, it is a modernised solution for a fast-moving digital age without compromising user experience.”

Jimmy Fong, Chief Commercial Officer at SEON

Combining SEON’s social media, phone, email, IP and device data to distinguish genuine customers

With GBG’s Intelligence Center, fraud risk managers can orchestrate the desired fraud workflow, complementing available rules and data sets with advanced intelligence capabilities.

Uniquely combining open data from 30+ social platforms, phone, email, IP and device look-ups in real time, SEON adds to GBG’s Intelligence Center by giving you accuracy and a true picture of what a real person looks like today.

Intelligent risk scoring with predictive AI and transparent machine learning gives you accuracy and visibility.

Combat fraud across the entire user journey with layered defence

Being the global expert in digital identity, GBG helps businesses prevent fraud and meet complex compliance requirements.

GBG Intelligence Center enables access to the latest fraud risk assessment capabilities and intelligence for orchestrating a strong layered fraud defence, to protect your business and customers against origination fraud.

Best-in-class intelligence

Dynamic technology and data intelligence partner ecosystem

Single-point of contact

Simplify procurement and deployment. Mitigate customer friction

Single workflow orchestration

Customise workflows integrating external system, additional capabilities, rules, and decisioning logic

Flexible solution design

Customise, update and scale solutions as required by business needs

How does it work?

Identities stolen from data breaches

Fraudster attempts to apply for financial products, for example a new credit card, using identity details and documents purchased from the dark web.

How GBG-SEON solution helps

  • Email, phone, IP and device risk assessment is used to complement identity verification
  • Email address and phone numbers used are not associated with any active social media account
  • Application is made from suspicious device, from an unknown geolocation and IP address
  • Application is flagged for investigation in GBG Instinct Hub

Fraud investigators can now get alerts on fraudulent customers from within GBG Instinct Hub

The investigation studio allows fraud managers to configure the display grid based on their preferences.

Fraud investigators

Review of potentially fraudulent customers

Fraud managers can delve further into the details of each customer to investigate. With Link Analysis in GBG Instinct Hub, relevant matched customers can also be pulled up easily for review.

Phone Intelligence

Empower fraud investigators with open and reachable data to flag disposable numbers, virtual SIMs, invalid phone numbers, phone carriers and locations. This module scans 35+ social platforms in real-time for associated phone numbers.

Email Intelligence

Our email module provides real-time insights into a customer’s email domain and social media presence. Longevity of an email address helps distinguish genuine customers versus fraudsters.

Email validation

Device Fingerprinting

With device fingerprinting, fraud investigators can track if one device is linked to multiple accounts, or if users are utlising browsers in private mode, Virtual Machines, VPNs, emulators or automation tools.

Fraud prevention for a digital and social media generation

Get a full picture of your online users

Reduce transaction fraud and bonus abuse

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Achieve up to 60% reduction in fraud volume in enterprises

Icon for compliance regulation

100% GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant to meet data and privacy standards

Leverages only on proprietary email, IP and phone data going back a decade

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Connected to 35+ social media platforms to uniquely see a comprehensive view of a person’s social network footprint with their digital footprint

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