Wine Tasting Roundtable in Philippines

Scaling remote fraud management through cloud

7th October - 4pm Manila Time 

Wine Tasting

Given the impact of COVID19 on business operations and working arrangements, an increasing number of Philippine businesses are turning to cloud-based IT solutions to help them navigate the new conditions, with more than half (51%) reporting that they have adopted more cloud-based IT solutions. A major banking institution and Philippine’s government unit recently chose a cloud service provider to manage their digital transformation journeys and overcome the limitations of legacy applications. With the increasing number of cloud initiatives, are FIs in the Philippines looking for cloud more effectively to manage fraud remotely and digital customer onboarding against modern-day financial crimes?

At this virtual wine tasting roundtable hosted by GBG, we'll discuss the trends and strategies to adopt cloud technology with the senior banking and fintech executives. The session will begin with a virtual wine tasting of four select French wines led by a master sommelier, followed by an interactive discussion with other bank executives and fraud prevention experts from GBG.

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